About Ready for Meals

More convenience for you in the kitchen is driving Roosterz&Co’s ‘Ready for Meals’ range. With today’s busy schedules, we’re simply less inclined to spend hours in the kitchen every day and opt for quick meals and salads more and more. Pre-cooked chicken products are an excellent choice, they are quick and easy to add to a huge range of dishes – and definitely full of flavour. For example, add chicken strips to salads, diced chicken is a tasty pizza topping and sauces can be enriched with delicious roasted chicken.

The Ready for Meals products from Roosterz & Co are available both fresh and frozen. You can heat the chicken in the oven, microwave or in a pan with sauce. In fact, since the products are already pre-cooked, it isn’t necessary to heat them and you can choose to use the (defrosted) cubes or strips directly in a salad. How easy can it get? Your convenience is our mission!

From roasted chicken chunks, slices and dices to the coated southern fried chicken goujons or chicken breast; the wide variety of Roosterz & Co Ready for Meals products enables you to serve a healthy dish at any time of day!

  • Precooked chicken

  • Fresh and frozen

  • Quick and convenient

Available in a handy tray

The 200-gram packs come in a handy tray that is both oven- and microwave-ready – making them even more convenient. A recipe has been included on the bottom for inspiration. By choosing a cardboard tray with top foil, the use of plastic is reduced by 90%. The cardboard and plastic in the packaging is easy to separate for recycling. We not only have an eye for taste and your convenience, we also think about sustainability.

Or volume bag

Chicken is so delicious and versatile, you can never have enough of it. That is why kilo bags are also available in the frozen range, so you always have stock at home for quick use, even at unexpected moments. You’ll enjoy your time in the kitchen much more now that you can put a delicious meal on the table even faster. Ready for Meals offers endless possibilities for your convenience.

  • Ready to (h)eat

  • Suitable for microwave and oven

  • Halal

Roosterz & Co products and flavours

Roosterz&Co has several special snacks: Bites, Wingsterz and Ready for Meals. These are available in various flavours. For brave men, fierce heroines and bold outsiders to sneaky food lovers and kitchen goddesses – there’s something for everyone.


Roasted Chunks

Roasted Dices

Roasted Slices

Roasted Strips

Roasted Fillet

Southern Fillet

Southern Goujon

Coated Fillet

Coated Goujon

Cooked Dices

Cooked Strips

Fried Fillet

Skewer 50g

Skewer 80g

Skewer 100g

Wings BBQ Style

Wings Sweet

Ready to (h)eat – healthy and convenient!

In response to the convenience trend, we precook the chicken to cut down on preparation time. Deliciously tender chicken pieces ready to be enjoyed.

Preparation tips
The uncoated products can be eaten cold because the product is precooked. Do you prefer to eat your chicken hot? The products can be put in the oven, air fryer or microwavedirectly from the freezer – whichever is easiest for you. Just a few minutes according to the instructions on the packaging and it’s ready. How easy is that?

The coated products must be heated to make them deliciously crisp. The products can be put in the oven or air fryer directly from the freezer. Follow the instructions on the packaging. Ready in no time.

Nice and easy, so you’ll have more time to spend with your friends!

Bon appétit!

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