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Roosterz & Co developed the perfect chicken bites for you and your friends.

Always crunchy and tasteful. Roosterz Bites are ideal for the airfryer or oven. By using high quality chicken fillet, Roosterz & Co is also a very healthy option! Through the use of an airfryer or oven you get all the good qualities of chicken, and avoid the unnecessary addition of fat with the fryer. This means you can eat healthy and enjoy it at the same time. That’s why the chicken bites by Roosterz & Co are the ideal snack to share in merriment with your friends, or use them in your next culinary masterpiece.

Our Roosterz & Co chicken bites are robust, hand cut pieces of chicken fillet (about 0.8 ounces) of top quality with a tasty, crunchy coating. Additionally, the chicken bites by Roosterz & Co come in multiple flavors. Choose, for example, between the tough “Southern Fried”, the culinary “BBQ Honey” or the very accommodating “Lemon & Herb” chicken bites. Are you organizing a get together at work, watching a soccer game with friends and family, or preparing a dinner for your parents-in-law? Roosterz & Co has the perfect flavor for every occasion. With our chicken bites you always hit the mark.

Ready for Meals
Just imagine. You just finished a tiring workday. The last thing you want to do is prepare an entire meal, yet healthy food is on your agenda. Or, you just opened the doors of your restaurant and guests are pouring in. Unfortunately, you don’t have enough people in the kitchen to provide everyone with a proper meal. With our new Ready for Meals by Roosterz & Co, you can prepare delicious pieces of chicken without any effort at all. These precooked chicken chunks can be added quickly, and easily to any meal. Choose between fresh or frozen and prepare them in the microwave or oven with ease, in any size and shape. From chunks to slices and dices.

The chicken is of high quality, comes from Better Welfare chickens and is also Halal certified. We can keep going, but we’ve probably already convinced you by now that Ready for Meals will be a part of your next meal.

There are a lot of variables with cooking in a professional kitchen. Roosterz & Co knows what the gastronomy needs on a large scale: 100% quality chicken meat. This isn’t just our passion, it’s our profession. Our chicken is held to a high standard and has been precooked, roasted, fried, marinated, or has an added crispy jacket for your comfort. With this valuable time saving solution, you don’t just save precious seconds in the kitchen, but also your guests will notice the difference. They will appreciate the extra attention you now have left in the endresult.

Are you ready to enrich your business with Roosterz & Co? Easily contact our experts who will happily answer all your questions.