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We love healthy and tasty pieces of meat. Preferably enjoyed with friends. Therefore, we developed new chicken snacks called Bites and Wingsterz. These bites are the perfect appetizer at a party or to be enjoyed on an evening with friends. They are also irresistible when served as a starter or snack between meals.

Are you in for hot & spicy, bbq honey, southern fried or do you prefer lemon & herb? There is a chicken bite for everyone. You name it. We got it.

  • Hearty, tasty meat

  • 100% sturdy bites

  • Halal

Roosterz & Co Bites

Our Chicken bites are robust, hand-cut pieces of high-quality chicken fillet in a crunchy, tasty coating. Available in assorted flavours, there is a bite for everyone.

Keeping in line with today’s health trend they are easy to prepare in the airfryer or oven. The special coating makes them very crunchy. So invite your friends over for a drink with our delicious chicken bites and they will immediately ask you when the next party will be. Our bites are not just perfect to accompany drinks but are also a delicious appetizer to your wonderful dinner. How about using them in a salad or wrap? Roosterz & Co just makes any occasion better and tastier.

Roosterz & Co are available at Albert Heijn, both in store and online.

  • Air fryer or Oven

  •  Low salt content

  •  Lots of proteins

Chicken Wingsterz and Japanese Karaage

We didn’t stop with our Chicken Bites. Our team came up with more tasty chicken bites. Chicken Wingsterz and Japanese Karaage are now also part of the product range.

Wingsterz are marinated pieces of chicken looking like wings or drumsticks but boneless. Child friendly and easy to grab, no fuss finger food!

Japanese Karaage is made of chicken legmeat, slightly seasoned with garlic and ginger along with soy sauce. The crunchy coating has a neutral taste. Crispy on the outside and super delicious and juicy on the inside. It is the original taste of Japan!


Kip bites voor airfryer of oven

Roosterz & Co Bites flavours

Roosterz & Co bites are available in different flavours. For fearless daredevils, tough chicks and bold souls to crafty connoisseurs and culinary queens; there is a taste for everyone.

BBQ Honey

Tomato Basil

Sweet Chili

Southern Fried

Rosemary Garlic

Lemon & Herb

Hot & Spicy



Spicy mix

Roosterz & Co Wingsterz and Japanese Karaage



Japanese Karaage

Airfryer or oven;  healthy and easy!

In line with today’s healthy trend, the bites have been especially developed  for preparation in the oven or airfryer while maintaining its crunch. The tasty coating is thin enough so that it does not overpower the tender piece of chicken.

Oven preparation:
– Preheat the oven at 200°C
– Spread the frozen bites on a grid and slide in the middle of the oven
– Bake the bites in 12 to 15 minutes

Airfryer preparation:
– Set the airfryer to 200°C
– Place the frozen bites in the airfryer
– Prepare the bites in 6 to 8 minutes

For the best result, we recommend to prepare the bites in an oven or airfryer. However, our chicken bites can also by fried. In that case, stick to 180°C for 6 to 8 minutes.

Nice and easy! And this way you can spend more time with your friends.



Enjoyed our chicken bites? Do you want them in your favourite pub as pub food or in the sports bar? Tell the pub owner or canteen manager that your favourite snack is also available in larger bags at the wholesale store.

Roosterz & Co
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