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1. Where can I buy the products?

On the shelves of Dekamarkt (The Netherlands) and online at The Meatlovers (The Netherlands & Belgium). There are also some products available at the Vomar and Poiesz Supermarkets (The Netherlands).

2. Is it possible for the products to be prepared in a frying pan?

Yes, this is possible. However, keep in mind that you will not experience the full taste of the Roosterz & Co products. Still frying it anyway? Keep it around 6 to 8 minutes on 180 degrees Celcius.

3. Are the Bites glutenfree?

No, the crisp crust contains wheat flower and wheat contains gluten.

4. Are the Bites lactose-free?

Yes, they are. The only exception are our Cheese bites. The crust of the Cheese variety contains cheese powder in which milk is present.

5. Are Roosterz Bites more healthy than chicken nuggets?

In some ways they are:

  1. They contain the same amount of calories.

In some ways they aren’t:

  1. The Bites offer better nutritional value: 60% less fat, 60% more protein.
  2. The Bites have 50% less salt than regular chicken nuggets.

6. Why is cooking with an Airfryer better than a frying pan?

  1. Frying with hot air is much healthier: In fat are a lot of calories which the products absorbs completely, this is obsolete with an Airfryer.
  2. You save money on the purchase of cooking oil.
  3. An Airfryer consumes less power.
  4. No longer an oily taste when eating your food.

8. How many calories do the Roosterz Bites contain?

  1. One full bag contains about 650 calories.
  2. One single Bite is about 25 grams and contains about 50 calories.

9. Does the chicken fillet come from chickens in responsible living conditions?

Yes, the circumstances of the chickens are very good. The chicken fillet accommodates even more favorable regulations than the standard limit of the European demands. For more information, check out our infographic with an explanation about Better Welfare.

10. What is the crispy crust, enveloping the Bites, made of?

That differs per Bite flavors. Some common traits they share are wheat flower, starch, rice flour, and sugar.

11. What's the percentage of chicken in each Bite?

Between 60% to 72% chicken fillet. It depends on which variety of the Bites as well as the thickness of the crust.

12. How long does the cooking process take?

Six to eight minutes in an Airfryer or 12 to 15 minutes in the oven.

13. Are other products, apart from the Bites, lactose-free?

Yes, they are. The only exception are the Cheese bites.

14. Can I take a frozen product back home?

Yes, as it contains a precooked product which has been sealed under strict circumstances regarding food safety.